Sutapa Das

Sutapa Das is involved in healthcare market research since 2010. She is passionate about healthcare and loves to write on various health topics.

What You Need To Know About Muscle Building And Protein?

Muscle proteins account for approximately 50% of the total body protein with majority being used for muscle structure. Muscle building actually relies on availability of adequate proteins and this is reliant on the balance between protein intake, re-synthesis and protein breakdown. To achieve muscle growth, you are required to combine both body weight and a …

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How To Build Muscles With Body Building Exercise?

A bodybuilding exercise plan improves bone strength, lowers blood pressure. Whether a professional bodybuilder, you just enjoy hitting weights hard at gym, setting а goal bodybuilding exercise plan achieve maximum results. Remember to make goal challenging but realistic. Plan а routine to reach goals you have set. You may choose to plan on paper or …

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Muscle and Fitness

Muscle Building Fitness Elementary – How To Build Muscle This story addresses muscle building and contains all the relevant details regarding muscle building. Wanting to gain as much knowledge on body building methods means you must want to get as much information on muscle building as is possible. To make points easier for you, we …

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Muscle Building Foods

Six Foods That Will Deliver Clean Bulk If bulk-and-cut sometimes seems more like ‘bloat-and-crash’ to you, it could be that you’ve found the hook phrase from the supplement companies’ – lean bulking – somewhat tempting. Apparently, the road to pristine, clean-as-a-whistle muscle-mass, all year round, lies at the bottom of the muscle-growth supp bucket. Those …

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