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How To Build Muscle Fast With 5 Easy Steps?

How To Build Muscle Fast With 5 Easy Steps

If you want build muscle fast and increase calories in some days, week it’s depending on you how much you can focus on your diet. If you are a coach so this steps very helpful for you follow the steps and learn how to build muscle safely.

1. Increase your calories

You know what effect of calories in body building if you doing diet exercise so your 5% calories consume in a day and without calories you cannot body building if you are 1500 calories consuming in a day so increase 1800 or more.

2. Drink enough in a day

Water is very important in diet and diet also important in muscle building. Drink enough water than eating food and don’t get drink water after dinner and breakfast for strong digestion drink maximum 2 glass water in every 30 minutes.

3. Eat good fat

Good fat helping increase calories and make energy in your body, increase blood circulation, in body building your blood pressure get low and your body need calories fat can remove your muscle pain after body building 4 fat food can help in body building.

Eat milk butter in breakfast and drink milk in every night before sleep and eat bread, eggs, and banana every day, it’s important in building muscles fast.

4. Take vitamins

Vitamin can balance diet and help in digestion system take vitamins and minerals to fruits eat any 1 fruit in every hour which available in your city or drink fruit juice but more benefits of eating food.

5. Get more sleep

Sleep is the most important components of muscle damage & muscle growth recovery process don’t sleep in a day night sleep better for hormones, and exercise better in morning and every morning after sleep drink 4 glass water or juice and start work out.

So friends, this is the simple tips & steps for better muscle building if you have any question about it so comment here and ask me.

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