How To Build Muscle For Men?

How To Build Muscle For Men

Building muscle is a tedious process and takes time. Luckily, the growing science of sports physiology has researched heavily on how to build muscle for men and has come up with scientifically proven shortcuts that work. They will help your muscle building process immensely and will help you achieve your muscle building goals at a much faster rate than usual.

How to Build Muscle For Men – The Optimal Workout Routine

The first discovery is that the answer of how to build muscle for men does not lie in training each muscle for hours every day. Back in the days when Arnold Schwarzenegger was still active and everyone was using the old school style of bodybuilding, it was impossible to build muscle fast. It was necessary to hit the gym every day for three to four hours and use a whole body routine to work on your entire body every day. You would rest at night and take only one day per week off of the gym.

In those days, every athlete that was not solely focused on bodybuilding and was not trying to find the way how to build muscle for men was told to stay as far away from weight training as he could. The reason was that common opinion was that weight training would make an athlete too much muscular, bulky and inflexible.

But for some reason, there were many male athletes trying to find out for themselves how to build muscle for men while still performing their own sport at a high level. They discovered that weight training made them stronger and they got more flexible rather that inflexible.

The trainers noticed this and started to evaluate the effects of weight training for muscle building and the effects it had on the athletes’ performance. They found only positive things and all those advantages caused most of the sports trainers to add weight training to their fitness routines. Soon after, football, basketball and baseball players as wells as track and field athletes began to hit the gym in order to improve their performance.

That was when sports physiology finally became recognized as a true science and weight training started to receive a new scientifically proven approach as applied to muscle building for athletes in all sports.

Bodybuilders naturally noticed this and began to adjust their workout routines. They began to work out smarter in search for ways how to build muscle for men. They were still to be found in the gym every day but at least they were able to cut their training hours in half. How where they able to accomplish this?

All the existing exercises and workout routines were re-evaluated in order to answer the question of how to build muscle for men. Thousands of men wanted to build muscle faster, get bigger with less time spent in the gym.

A main discovery was that researchers found out about the importance of giving the muscles time to rest after they were worked on strenuously. Failure to do so leads to exhaustion and makes further development impossible.

In our day and age, bodybuilders are advised to train each muscle group to complete muscular failure and total exhaustion only one day per week. This is one of the biggest and misunderstood concepts of how to build muscle for men in the whole fitness industry.

Of course, some muscle get a little bit of exercise when the focus is on other muscle groups, but that is unavoidable and not that bad since only the targeted muscle is trained to total exhaustion. It is always only on their “focus day” that a muscle gets completely exhausted. This strategy supercharges muscle growth and makes you grow stronger in all body parts.

Using this system you will never have to put up with constant muscle soreness throughout your whole body ever again. Muscle groups are allowed to rest, recover and rebuild themselves bigger and stronger.

Another major step in bodybuilding to answer the question of how to build muscle for men was the discovery that training the muscle to complete failure and exhaustion for each exercise was enough to tear it down. The protein ingested afterwards would be used only to rebuild the tissue instead of helping to develop it further and make the muscle grow bigger.

How to Build Muscle For Men – The Optimal Diet

Turning our attention from the workout routine used, we see that the other side of the how to build muscle for men-equation is good nutrition. There are some fitness experts that go as far as saying that bodybuilding is 80% diet. Now, while in reality, it is not as dramatic as that, good nutrition most certainly accounts for more than 50% of your overall muscular development.

To build muscle and especially to build it fast, a bodybuilder’s diet has to be made up of at least 25% of total calories from protein, both animal as well as vegetable protein. A bodybuilder or anyone else trying to build muscle fast should only eat complete carbohydrates like rice and whole-wheat bread as well as those vegetables that contain a good amount of protein as well. Think of beans and broccoli for example.

Fats and fibres should make up around 25% of your diet. When embarking on the quest of how to build muscle for men you should stop eating refined sugar, refined starches and limit caffeine and alcohol intake to a minimum.

In order to meet your protein requirements each day, it is advised to take supplement with protein powders with water or raw milk, protein boosters like desiccated liver, kelp tablets and eggs. Soluble oils like wheat germ for example help the body metabolize protein and thus, provide added endurance.

How to Build Muscle For Men – Summary

To sum it all up, the answer on how to build muscle for men is different than one would naturally expect. It is about exercising each muscle group smarter, not harder and more frequent. Rest is just as important as the actual weight training itself and eating a good, balanced diet is the most important factor of all.

How To Build Muscle For Men?

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