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Last Updated: April, 2021

Are you looking for best muscle massager? In order to come up with the top muscle massager, we have analyzed 306 products available in the market.

Top 3 Best Seller Muscle Massager

Top 10 Muscle Massager – Editor’s Choice

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager by opove OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager by opove
muscle massager by opove
Our Reviews
  • This thing is amazing at taking care of sore muscles and even tired feet.
  • As good as much more expensive Hypervolt
  • Fantastic alternative to more expensive alternatives
  • Good Quality Percussion Massager that is Nice and Quiet – Very Similar to Hypervolt
  • The product comes in a very nice carrying case with a charger, battery and four attachments.
  • Also, the sleek design makes it easy to hold onto and the three speeds really increase its effectiveness.
  • Self explanatory use, comporable to hypervolt and the price difference and return policy makes it worth the risk.
  • The effect of the instant blood flow is immediate, by tingling and itchiness to the the area – all good.
  • The pamphlet that comes with the massager gives a nice brief summary and pictures of some common areas that most people will find enjoyable to work on.
  • This is a great tool for pain relief and it’s easy to carry around as it comes with a nice case which can also easily fit in a suitcase even for traveling.
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Massage Gun Muscle Massager Deep Tissue Percussion Portable Handheld by opove Massage Gun Muscle Massager Deep Tissue Percussion Portable Handheld by opove
muscle massager by opove
Our Reviews
  • Excellent and beautiful massage gun, with slightly substandard attachments
  • Feels good, extremely strong and durable, battery life is great
  • Forget the other more expensive options! This percussion massager does the trick!
  • Good massager with build quality and reasonable price
  • Noiseless muscle massage! Suitable for seniors and fitness people!
  • Perfectly fine cheaper alternative to “name brand” massage guns
  • Strong and powerful battery operated massager, awesome technology
  • This tool has helped me recover and even warm up before workouts.
  • The three different settings and four different interchangeable heads make it extremely customizable for different parts of body and needs.
  • This massage gun is packaged neatly in a nice carrying case, with a guide book to point out the trigger points.
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Massage Gun,Professional Handheld Deep Muscle Massager by WuBeFine Massage Gun,Professional Handheld Deep Muscle Massager by WuBeFine
muscle massager by WuBeFine
Our Reviews
  • A perfect percussion massage gun for best price
  • Best value for the product and reduce pain relief.
  • Great for pain points without having to go for a massage
  • Great performance at a fair and reasonable price!
  • It’s a professional massage gun, used it primarily on muscles joints and shoulder blade.
  • Looks Elegant,Great for deep tissue massage
  • Powerful massage gun that targets muscles stiffness!!!
  • This is an excellent implementation or the precurssion massager.
  • Amazing quality and with all the different heads the ability to work on so many different areas makes it incredibly versatile.
  • Definitely recommend this to anyone who needs relief from stiff muscles or for folks who live alone without someone to give them a massage.
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Muscle Massage Gun,Upgraded Muscle Massager,Deep Tissue Muscle Massager by Antetek Muscle Massage Gun,Upgraded Muscle Massager,Deep Tissue Muscle Massager by Antetek
muscle massager by Antetek
Our Reviews
  • After a few days, the relaxation effect is quite good.
  • Excellent for loosening up very knotted up areas
  • Great Massage Gun-Really helps loosen up the knots
  • Perfect for deep knots and general soreness!
  • This is a great massage gun that really helps in penetrating and loosening up those tight knots.
  • Also, the price was good compared to the other ones available.
  • Great to loosen trigger points and get the muscle to relax quicker (and more practical) than getting a massage.
  • The massage gun is sturdy, quiet, has an informative LED screen, and comes with great accessories such as various massage tips and a carrying case.
  • This is an expensive unit, and the case does not match the quality of the massager.
  • Very helpful after those intense gym workouts.
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Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Gun by LifePro Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Gun by LifePro
muscle massager by LifePro
Our Reviews
  • A MUST for pain reduction and performance!
  • Best Value for a Portable Recovery Device in the Market
  • Comparable to more expensive massage guns
  • Great for professional fitness pros and enthusiasts
  • It comes with multiple heads to target specific needs, which is great.
  • Speeds up recovery and great for warm up prior to training
  • The Sonic LX is a high quality, high powered massage therapy tool.
  • The different attachments helps to target different body parts for the most effective massage.
  • There are attachments to customize the massage depending on need and really works the sore muscles.
  • Very effective in reducing muscle aches the day after a workout.
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Muscle Roller Stick,Sportneer Massage Sticks for Athletes by Sportneer Muscle Roller Stick,Sportneer Massage Sticks for Athletes by Sportneer
muscle massager by Sportneer
Our Reviews
  • Excellent price! Works great.
  • Great for loosening up stiff muscles
  • Great physical therapy treatment at home, excellent product for muscle pain relief, worth the cost.
  • Helps breakdown the fascia and pin point hard to reach places.
  • Highly recommend! Study, effective & affordable.
  • There is no flex in the shaft, good for calf and quads.
  • This works well and is a great size for travel.
  • Works great at a fraction of the price of other mobility tools.
  • Nice color, smooth rolling, relieving pain in legs, arms, neck, back and shoulers.
  • Someone at a pharmacy dept at a grocery store recommend me use a foam roller.
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Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun by LifePro Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Percussion Massage Gun by LifePro
muscle massager by LifePro
Our Reviews
  • Amazing product! relieves tension and great for loosening muscles.
  • Better than the other LOUD hand held massage machine.
  • Great massage gun for post workout muscle recovery.
  • Helps a lot with hamstring and seems to assist with general after workout recovery.
  • Outstanding performance and service from a company and their product
  • Really Powerful- So far its its really making a difference
  • Solid build and nice features, very powerful massage gun
  • Very powerful, long lasting battery and made durable . loving this
  • Also offers multi dimensional head which is convenient and battery life it very good.
  • Comes with 4 different massage heads,Charging dock and can be stored away in the nice carrying case it comes in.
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Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for Pain Relief by MASCARRY Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for Pain Relief by MASCARRY
muscle massager by MASCARRY
Our Reviews
  • Although this is much cheaper than the original brand, it works really well.
  • Been used this massage gun for 10 days now so far it worked so great.
  • For a little over half the price compared to name brand massage guns, this literally does the same job equally efficiently.
  • This great massage gun is awesome, it offers a great muscle relieve and recovery after a intense workout.
  • This massage gun relieve soft tissue pain, accelerate muscle recovery, improve blood circulation, gentle muscle extension, the greatest benefit is instantaneous muscle relaxation.
  • Wow, it remove the painful muscle knot with two massage
  • Better thing is that this massage gun has different massage head that suitable to apply to different place on the body.
  • The penetration is very strong, the muscles can relax well, and the relaxing massage works well.
  • This product has a great price for comparing to the smaller product on the market.
  • Works well for extended periods of relief.
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Massage Gun,Professional Handheld Deep Muscle Massager by WuBeFine Massage Gun,Professional Handheld Deep Muscle Massager by WuBeFine
muscle massager by WuBeFine
Our Reviews
  • A nice affordable option for a massage gun.
  • This massage gun has a good sturdy built so there are no loose parts.
  • Device comes in a nice sturdy carry case, 6 different attachments for different massages, power adaptor and the actual massage gun.
  • This is the absolute best tool for soothing sore and tight muscle pain.
  • This massager tool is great! A fantastic alternative to the other massage guns that are $300+ dollars on the market.
  • Can be used pre-workout to loosen up muscles or post-workout to relieve muscle soreness.
  • Power is also consistent and provides a great relief on the aching muscles.
  • The battery will easily stay charged for a weeks worth of use which is great and the touch screen control panels works great for both speed and frequency.
  • The unit came in a good travel case with specific places for all components to stay, and the battery charged for immediate use.
  • This massage gun comes in a great carrying case, has six massage adapters, and is simple enough to operate.
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awesafe Massage Gun Portable Powerful Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion by awesafe awesafe Massage Gun Portable Powerful Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion by awesafe
muscle massager by awesafe
Our Reviews
  • This massage gun is just as good as the name brands and is built to last.
  • Best price for massage gun on market right now.
  • Good compact massager. Great battery life.
  • Powerful Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager
  • The tips do feels a bit cheap(general purpose tip is foam and the pin-point tip has lines from the injection molding.
  • This product is amazing and on par with the more expensive ones online and in stores.
  • all in the same charge cycle!The case is well constructed and looks great.
  • Definitely works, huge difference, a lot of relief after the first couple of uses.
  • These are absolutely AMAZING!! great on strained or pulled muscles, low back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain.
  • This is a great feature so the patient knows they are getting a certain amount of massage done.
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Some More Muscle Massager – Less Preference

Here are some more muscle massager that might be helpful. Search and compare directly from Amazon.

Massage Gun, Upgraded 6 Adjustable Speeds Handheld Vibration Deep Tissue by Hmount
Our Reviews
  • Excellent for athletes and over-trainers at a fraction of the price.
  • Great little massage gun for pain relief on back and shoulders.
  • Makes a difference after recovering from runs
  • Nice packaging nice case lots of speeds
  • So amazing the positive outcome from the massager.
  • A few minutes with this gun and it was loosened up and feeling much much better.
  • Definitely helps to release the muscle pain after work out.
  • The motor is quite powerful, and the battery life is good as well, having used up it after massaging of two.
  • This increases the different ways that this one machine can be used for.
  • Works well and much less expensive than other products.

MADETEC Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Guns by MADETEC
Our Reviews
  • Absolutely fabulous! This massage gun is great for sore muscles.
  • Massager than can do deep tissue massage as well as light relaxing massage
  • SO much better for stubborn knots than other massagers.
  • This is hard core! It will REALLY work out any knot or pain or anything.
  • This product is amazing! Really gets down and deep to relieve those aching muscle pain.
  • Comes in a nice carrying case with different interchangeable attachments.
  • Multiple massage head options are great for different sensations and targeting different muscle areas.
  • Runs quietly and all the heads work great for different purposes.
  • The various attachments are fantastic for working on different body areas/muscle groups and the battery is very long lasting.
  • The various attachments are great for working out the knots and kinks.

Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun - Handheld Rechargeable Muscle Massager by SOAIY
Our Reviews
  • Very nice massage Hun!It comes nicely packed with different types of heads for different body parts!It can get very fast and strong vibrations too, to increase blood flow and muscle recovery.
  • Comparable to a Hypervolt, at a fraction of the Price
  • For the price, probably the best massage gun out there.
  • Great alternative to the expensive brand name one.
  • Great value massage gun, all the attachment doDifferent things.
  • It is so quite and works just as well as the super loud ones.
  • Packaging is very nice and it even comes with its own little suitcase.
  • The battery in this product is amazing for the amount of power provides.
  • The deep tissue percussion massage gun comes with very nice high quality case.
  • Battery is good for the amount of RPM that this machine produce per second.

Pulse Deep Tissue Massage Gun - Handheld Percussion Muscle Massager by LifePro
Our Reviews
  • This product is made of high quality material and highly recommended.
  • Comfortable massage, fits well in the hands
  • Gives great relief and Helps with healing
  • Great massage gun! The whole family uses it including our 9 and 11 year old.
  • Lighter and Quieter, with more settings and an easy to read display!
  • The adjustable frequency and pressure and the adjustable heads give plenty of options to provide relief to tight muscles at the end of a long day, a workout, or a run.
  • The massage gun was nicely packaged and comes in a very nice travel storage case.
  • Very happy with this deep tissue massage gun ! Great for tense muscles before and after a workout.
  • Battery life is crazy long, lasted me over a week with daily use after workouts.
  • Furthermore, using it before I hit the slopes of Mt Rose has been nothing short of amazing.

Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes, 20Speeds Professional Handheld Deep Tissue by Flow.month
Our Reviews
  • Basically meet the relaxation needs of all parts of the body, alleviate a lot of pain.
  • Great for getting into the muscles.
  • Great item based on options for the price point.
  • Usually fitness, running, calf often stretched in a bit sore, very recommended by friends recommended this muscle relaxer! First of all, it looks very advanced.
  • Also has a very nice LCD screen that makes the experience even easier and more enjoyable.
  • Can be used pre-workout to loosen up muscles or post-workout to relieve muscle soreness.
  • For people with some sciatic pain, this may help to relieve the pain for a while and have a good night sleep.
  • The adjustable intensity makes it really nice to be able to go light on a sensitive person or to go really deep on others.
  • The case it comes in is nice, this makes it easy to pack it all up and and take the massager and attachments anywhere.
  • The device came packed in a really nice high quality case along with 4 different attachments.

Apollo Kinetics Pulse Massage Gun Portable Electric Deep Tissue Percussion by Apollo Kinetics
Our Reviews
  • AMAZING ! Seriously though it is definitely worth the price.
  • Amazing product! Compared to the other expensive massage guns, the Apollo is a no brainer.
  • Awesome massage gun! Made well and works great at a fraction of the cost.
  • Hypermobility and ehlers danlos pain relief – fantastic! Waking up without tension
  • It came in a very nice carrying case with 4 different head attachments.
  • This is an unbelievable value! A brushless percussion massager with great settings and attachments.
  • Great value for a product that is cordless and provides enough power for comfort.
  • Nonetheless, the weight and textured handle does make it easy to hold as it feels sturdy and high quality.
  • Solid construction, good battery life, quick charging, all attachments are good.
  • The variety of attachments is helpful and the carrying case is if high quality.

PLENO M5.0 Professional Deep Muscle Massager, Powerful Handheld Tissue by PLENO
Our Reviews
  • Comes in a nice zip up case that fits all the attachments, gun and charger.
  • Great deep tissue massage gun for the price.
  • It does an amazing job loosening up those tense muscles!
  • Really great for muscle recovery at a decent price
  • The Pleno M5 is a great massage gun with variable speeds and heads.
  • After the one use it definitely gets to the deep problem areas easily and more effectively than using a yoga ball.
  • Battery life is good, its not too loud and with 9 levels of intensity it has plenty of power to reach even the deeper muscles.
  • The variety of attachments is nice to pinpoint different areas and depths.
  • Works great to get the kinks out and muscle tightness.
  • The battery life on this device has been great so far.

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