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Scivation XTEND Original BCAA Powder Blue Raspberry Ice

Scivation XTEND Original BCAA Powder Blue Raspberry Ice

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Scivation XTEND Original BCAA Powder Blue Raspberry Ice.

  • The World’s # 1 BCAA Brand Name with 7G of BCAAs Per Serving
  • 0 Stimulants, Sugar, Calories, or Carbs
  • 2.5 g Included Glutamine + Electrolytes
  • NSF & Informed Option Certified

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Scivation XTEND Original BCAA Powder Blue Raspberry Ice.
Taste: Blue Raspberry Ice|Size: 30 Servings Scivation Xtend is the best-se ing, most-advanced BCAA drink mix on earth. At the heart of Xtend is 7g of BCAAs – in the nature-designed and research- proven 2: 1: 1 ratio – plus Glutamine and Citru ineMalate Plus, with a proprietary blend of hydration-inducing electrolytes, Xtend is a sugar-free method to assist anybody grind through a difficult fitness center session. World- class professional athletes, Champ fighters, Elite bodybuilders, and weightlifting lovers of differing types an usage Scivation Xtend throughout their exercises in order to train longer, harder, and with more strength.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Scivation XTEND Original BCAA Powder Blue Raspberry Ice.

Question Question 1

Which Taste Is Best?

Blood orange is without a doubt the very best we have attempted. Tastes similar to blood orange san pelegríno without the carbonation if you like that taste. Never ever get ill of it.

Question Question 2

Is This Vegan Friendly?

It has “contains milk” on the label and has been harming our stomach. We believed it was vegan prior to we bought it.

Question Question 3

How Is The Product So Sweet If It Has No Sugar?

It has surcalose, which is an artifical sweetener that is 320-1000 times sweeter than sugar

Question Question 4

Hi What Its The Expiration Date?

Depending upon the lot number on the tub of xtend the expiration date will differ. If you get a bottle and it does not include an expiration date however a lot number simply follow up with us and we can search for that information for you.

Question Question 5

Does Anybody Know What Took Place To The Pina Colada Taste ?? Can T Find It Anywhere.:(?

If you like pina coladas, and getting get in the rain. Terrific tune, however we do not understand what occurred to the taste.

Question Question 6

Exists Caffeine In It?

This product particularly does not include any caffeine or other stimulants. If you are trying to find something with caffeine the xtend go will include 200 mg of caffeine per scoop.

Question Question 7

The Number Of Servings Does This Have?

The label suggests 30 servings, and there is a scoop inside to determine out the powder.

Question Question 8

What’S The Distinction In Between Free Bcaa And Bcaa’S?

Bcaa is one bcaa s is more than one

Question Question 9

We Discovered That The Label For This Product Is Various Than On Google. The One On Google Has A Label That Simply States Xtend Bcaa. Exists A Distinction?

Should be the specific very same thing we are quite sure they simply altered there label style just recently

Question Question 10

The Number Of Servings Does This Container Make?

30 serving to the a hole simply do not react

Question Question 11

Does This Container Normally Come Looking Half Complete When You Open It?

Thank you for your question, we will be more than delighted to help you. The xtend 30 servings will happen half complete perhaps a little more or less depending upon the taste andgrams per serving every one needs. Nevertheless, every product will include 30 specific serving per gram noted on the supplement truths. Thank you for your question, we will be more than delighted to help you. The xtend 30 servings will happen half complete perhaps a little more or less depending upon the taste andgrams per serving every one needs. Nevertheless, every product will include 30 specific serving per gram noted on the supplement truths. We hope this helps address your question and cleans up any confusion you had. Thanks once again for composing in and if you have any longer questions or issues please do not hesitate to call us at marketplacesupport@nutrabolt. Com.

Question Question 12

If We Drink It Later On At Night Will It Keep United States Up At Night?

Not always, it personally acts as a hydrating drink.

Question Question 13

Is This Contain Caffeine?

The typical xtend bcaa does not have caffeine. The variation that does would be the one that is called “xtend go”

Question Question 14

Is This A Pre-Workout Supplement?

No, it is not. This supplement includes chains of amino acids that helps renew the muscles that has been utilized throughout a workout so it can build/recover quicker. Although, there are ones with caffeine that may work like “pre-workout. “

Question Question 15

Where Is This Product Made? Is This Product Non-Gmo And Non-Corn Based? Thank You For Your Answers.?

It is a us business. Absolutely nothing about non-gmo on the label. It is not corn based.

Question Question 16

Is This A Various Formula Than A Few Years Ago? Due To The Fact That Somebody Informed United States The “Cancer Warning” Was Not On The Label Any Longer.?

It does not have a cancer caution any longer. Nevertheless the active ingredients include carcinogenic chemicals.

Question Question 17

Is This Lemon-Lime Capture Taste Much Various From The Original Lemon-Lime?

We have haven’t attempted that taste however the one we utilize taste the like prior to the modification. (if that’s why you’re asking)

Question Question 18

Does It Have Dairy?

Neither this xtend, nor any other xtend product includes dairy. Bcaa are free form amino acids and do not come from from an entire protein source such as w

Question Question 19

Is This Product Has Maltodextrin By Any Opportunity?

No maltodextrin in the xtend.

Question Question 20

Is It Green Powder?

The apple one most likely is green. We purchased blue raspberry which is blue.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Scivation XTEND Original BCAA Powder Blue Raspberry Ice, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have been utilizing xtend considering that 2004 and have attempted lots of tastes, and we are thinking even if you have utilized the product you’re would like to know which one to buy. We will offer you a fast guide as we swear by this product and really desire scivation to do well. God tier – watermelonwatermelon was the first taste we have attempted and it’s merely the very best. After we attempt a taste we undoubtedly wind up back with watermelon. It’s revitalizing and tastes terrific. We have bought it perhaps 20+ times. Best of the rest tier – blue raspberry, pink lemonadeboth tastes may be a bit tart in the beginning however it does not take long to fall in love with either choice. We have bought blue raspberry the 2nd most, and although it’s a more recent taste it’s quickly our 2nd favorite. Great however not terrific tier – blood orange, lemon lime, strawberry kiwi, green apple, grape, fruit punch, orangeall of these alternatives are as promoted. They’re enjoyable choices to attempt, however truthfully we have just bought every one as soon as. If we need to offer the nod to the very best it’s most likely fruit punch. We would suggest bought the 30 serving for each to see which one if your favoritenever once again tier – flexibility icewe were so thrilled to attempt this, rocket pops are tasty so naturally flexibility ice would be too. In truth you can just taste the lemon, it’s extremely tart and the bottle was a task to make it through.

We were so thrilled to attempt this when we got it in the mail today, that we dropped a scoop of the powder into our water and hurried to our university (we remained in a rush, as it was the first day back with brand-new classes, bad traffic, and parking). After class, we headed to the fitness center. We had attempted it in the vehicle, and was blown away by the taste. It was so yummy and revitalizing that we wished to drink the entire thing like a routine drink, however we understood we ought to wait for throughout the workout. We will state that as we consumed this throughout our workout, we did feel respectable compared to other exercises we have had. We do not understand at this moment if it was exclusively the bcaa powder that our muscles feeling excellent after a great deal of work, however consuming this throughout our intense upper body workout was a heck of a lot more invigorating than simply plain old water. Now the entire time we had been informing our man buddies about this, we were informing them the incorrect taste. We didn’t understand as we had strolled out of our house that had sent us the incorrect taste. We got mango. Now, we are not really dissatisfied by this. Our very first time attempting this product, we were entirely in love with the taste. However we didn’t check out the label. What we had really bought was blood orange. A minimum of we understand we like mango. On here it states that mango resembles, 50 cents more costly than the blood orange? offer or take a few cents. Whatever. We think we will buy blood orange once again and hope they send out the ideal one. However currently, your woman is consuming mango taste and caring it. We seriously want we might drink this all the time, however that is not the expense reliable method to utilize this. We will state that in regards to potency in taste, we utilized the maximum suggested quantity of water to blend this with (it states anywhere in between 8-16 oz, so we did ~16-17 oz) and the flavoring is quite strong. If you do not like this sweet, you can constantly dilute itmore We believe we will be doing that a bit more to see simply where our taste enjoy it most.

We would offer this 5 *’s based upon taste alone, however we can’t due to the fact that we do not comprehend why a food for health would consist of synthetic colors. It is prohibited in europe. It does not impact the taste. It is toxin. We understand that you have an alternative with no dyes however it does not taste as excellent. Please eliminate the dyes from all yourproducts Nobody requires to see purple or pink or blue. Or include some beetroot power or something. Red color 40, etc does not belong in our bodies. We are not even grumbling about the sucralose, simply the color. Thank you.

This things blends extremely quickly (a lot easier than any whey protein powder, for instance), and the mango taste tastes excellent if you disregard the instructions. We first attempted it with 1 scoop in 12 oz of water, and it resembled a liquid jolly rancher, borderline too sweet for our tastes under any situations and certainly far too sweet for something we would wish to drink throughout a workout. We have found that 32 oz (simply except 1l) of water is required to water down 1 scoop to our taste, and at this dilution the mango taste is extremely satisfying. It’s likewise a more proper quantity of water for our exercises. We find this things truly helps in the 2nd half of our exercises. We feel a “second wind” about midway through which makes the rest of it less of a battle. We likewise do not feel as diminished and tired at the end, and the recovery is quicker.

A great deal of supplements make claims about impacts that are not right away, if ever, observable. This is not one of them. When we first began taking this, we right away observed that we might go longer throughout cardio/strength oriented regimens such as p90 x and madness. We continued to drink this as our exercises progressed to running and weight lifting. In spite of constantly being an awful runner (we merely never ever felt that “runner’s high”, was never ever able to run extremely far, and was normally unpleasant) our runs, while never ever truly increasing too far in range, appeared to need less effort, making them more bearable. However the genuine distinction, was available in our weightlifting. Being 44 years of ages, we were shocked at how rapidly we increased in weights, how muscular we were getting, and how little discomfort we had. We have raised weights on and off for almost 30 years, and all of a sudden we were raising, in some cases, more than we ever had. Now, complete disclosure: soon prior to we began utilizing xtend, we likewise started taking creatine. This definitely led to a strength and muscle gain. So as soon as we began taking xtend, we questioned just how much of our performance gains we might credit to the creatine. We felt the cardio-related gains were certainly the outcome of the xtend, however the strength gains might have been the continuing outcomes of the creatine. Up until we stopped taking xtend. That had to do with a month earlier, in part due to financial restraints and partially due to the fact that we weren’t sure any longer if xtend was truly assisting our time in the fitness center all that much. In the previous month, nevertheless, the weight we raise in a lot of our workouts has gradually dropped, our endurance has reduced (we are more slow and our exercises merely appear more intimidating), and worst of all, we are feeling our age. Our elbows and knees in specific ache for days after a workout, whereas prior to there was practically no discomfort. Our company believe in supplements, however seldom have we found one that has revealed a lot observable proof of its efficiency. This previous month, much to our surprise, has proven to us simply how reliable this product is, and we will definitely be including this in our next supplement orderwith Update 2-6-14: we bought this once again, and sure enough, our exercises are simpler, we are much less sore, and am significantly more powerful. This verifies what we currently thought. This things simply works.

We switched from bcaa pills to powder and could not be better with the benefit. Include a scoop of bcaa’s (and some unflavored creatine powder) with water and you have obtained a yummy pre/during workout energy drink. (esp for those that are not fans of the tense pre-workout sensation). Taste rankings (best to worst):1. Blue raspberry – the very best. Not too sweet. Blends well with water. Extremely comparable taste to a thinned down, un-carbonated variation of the blue slurpee from 7/11 2. Grape – generally not a fan of synthetic grape tastes, however it’s undoubtedly extremely well balanced. Sweet enough without being too sweet. 3. Pink lemonade – the powder tastes like a red/pink pixie stick. Truly terrific tasting in the beginning, however can get uninteresting. It might simply be me, however this taste constantly makes us feel thirstier throughout exercises. 4. Watermelon surge – powder tastes like watermelon jolly rancher. When it’s combined with water it’s certainly more well balanced. Middle of the pack we would state. 5. Smash apple – tastes similar to the green apple flavored jolly rancher. Decent-ish. 6. Kiwwe strawberry – tastes quite synthetic. Like a hybrid in between the old hi-c fruit punch drink and a gatorade concentrate pod. 7. Fruit punch – likewise synthetic. Tastes like hi-c fruit punch. 8. Blood orange – o. K. Taste resembles your normal vitamin c pills, if you enjoy that. 9. Mango – not an unforgettable taste.

B/c we understand this as a reality, we never ever utilize complete scoop of any pre-flavored drink. We attempt 2 tsp first, then include plain to test taste. We buy unflavored protein powders & unflavored bcaas. The blood orange tasted as anticipated, orangey. Next time we are going to utilize less amino acids, got a little bit of headache the first time we utilized this brand name. However for some bcaas can trigger headaches & other small signs. Mine was simply moderate headache. For me, the bcaas is utilized to decrease discomfort. We havnt utilized bcaas enough time to observe any size distinction in muscle, however that’s not why we purchased bcaas to start w/. And hell, we are not preparing to drink this things like a regular drink, although it’s recommended. We get enough amino acids from our protein powders & foods. We are not a wgtlifter. We do wgts to decrease bone & muscle mass & to balance our running.

We bought the pink lemonade taste and we are satisfied. The taste is respectable, we like to utilize a 24 oz water bottle to water down the taste and 24 oz is the best quantity for our taste. We like to prepare mine about an hr prior to our workout and toss it in the freezer, so by the time we really need it, it is good and cooled. We just recently took our mommy hiking (she never ever works out), she wound up drinking half of our drink and was shocked at how she didn’t as soon as feel exhausted, nor that calf cramp she normally gets whenever she goes uphill. In general, we have no grievances and will be attempting out the other tastes others have raved about.

Terrific things that is approximately about 4000% sweeter than it requires to be. We utilize this every early morning and we are seeing a great deal of advantage from it, however holy non-caloric sweeteners, batman. It’s so sweet it’s nauseating. Options:1. Mix one scoop with a tub filled with water and attempt to drink all that. 2. Close your eyes, pinch your nose and drink it truly quickly.

Wow. First time user and we are satisfied. The shipping was quick with prime, the product packaging was good and cool and no spill around the seal. The powder mixed so easily with the water. No crumour taste. It taste tasty, we checked out other evaluations about the terrific taste however needed to see for ourself. It s not one of those supplements you need to down due to the fact that of the ghastly taste. We can drink and delight in. We are consuming it now, we blended it with our l-carnitine and we will upgrade the evaluation on whether we had any energy boost or reduce in discomfort. Will certainly acquire once again.

We truly suggest this product it s truly excellent. We are choosy with tastes due to the fact that let s be sincere the majority of them put on t constantly taste excellent however this one so excellent. We got the fruit punch and it s so tasty.

We have attempted a few tastes of this brand name of bcaa s at this moment: pineapple, fruit punch, blue raspberry, and strawberry mango. We generally select our taste based upon which one is most inexpensive due to the fact that for some factor there can be a quite extreme distinction in cost in between tastes. Without a doubt our favorite has been the strawberry mango, however the pineapple was likewise truly yummy. Fruit punch is okay and the blue raspberry has been our least preferred. In general they re all quite yummy however we find that if you attempt the water/mixture percentage they suggest it doesn t liquify well. We normally utilize 1 scoop in 24 oz of water. It s good to have as our drink throughout a workout, specifically if we go to the fitness center fasted. With all of that stated, as with any supplement, it s entirely unneeded. You get bcaas through your foods as long as you re consuming a well balanced diet plan, so you put on t truly need a supplement. As soon as we round off the supply that we have, we likely will not acquire more.

Extremely excellent bcaa. The taste is sensational. The powder breaks down effectively and does not clump up like chocolate protein. The only thing is mine didn’t come with a scooper:( trust us we browsed the powder. We will still offer a 5 star trigger the evaluation is on the powder not scooper:-RRB-.

We are uncertain if it is working with recovery and muscle growth as it is a brand-new product for us. We can state we have begun a brand-new beachbody program and didn’t wish to buy their pricey supplements. We were super sore doing their into 30 minute program utilizing no post recovery drink. We are 4 days into their 60 minute program with very little discomfort, so we would state it is assisting. Now the taste. We provided it 4 stars for taste. Got melon first. That was so horrible. It was so so synthetically sweet. We put on t usage sweetening agents, so the taste was super offensive. We changed it out for watermelon and this is much more tasty and perhaps even a little satisfying. Sort of like a watermelong jolly rancher, just more mellow. Certain enhancement.

Forever observed our muscle discomfort reduced after exercises considering that we began utilizing this. The taste truly ain t regrettable either. We did stop utilizing it though due to the fact that we have extremely muscular calves currently and we really observed them getting a little larger, which we didn’t desire (we are female so it s a little manly looking). Nevertheless that s type of among the functions for this so we think that s more evidence that it works.

Blends well, tastes terrific, offers a push utilizing it bfor and throughout a workout. We simply needed to offer it up due to the fact that it has sucralose in its active ingredients which we have checked out is bad for you and it messes with your endocrine system and perhaps hormonal agents and spikes insulin even tho it isn’t genuine sugar. It has heavy red, blue and other dyes in it too. We consume spick-and-span. Simply didn’t work for us.

If you are over 60, you understand that it is hard to recover from exercise for a day or more without sensation sore or weak. We are nearly 70, in respectable shape however have problems with fast recovery. We have been consuming this product for 2 months now and we need to state,”wow” We do not hurt or feel tired out the next day after a workout. We ought to have found this product a very long time earlier. Will buy the 90 day supply considering that it is way cheaper than the 30 day supply. The watermelon flavor taste good too. Certain buy ranking. Update: we can not state adequate about this product. We drink it throughout and after our exercises. We went cycling the other day and the surface was high and sloping. Muscles burned and believed we would suffer tomorrow. It is tomorrow and no muscle pain, tightness or tiredness. We were trying to find something like this all our life. We found it and it is a keeper.

We checked out a lot of evaluations prior to we purchased this, so we believed we understood what we were entering into. Let us first state that this definitely finishes the job. Our exercises have gone a lot smoother, and we do not lose momentum like we normally did prior to we provided this a shot. That being stated, we prepared ourself for the sweet taste. So we believed. The quantity of water to scoop ratio is. A little frightening to be sincere. If anybody can get this down with 14 oz of water, they are to be feared by both god and the devil. We have presumed regarding dilute this in our 32 oz nalgene, and it is still so extremely sweet. We do wish to attempt a various taste due to the fact that perhaps the watermelon is a little more sickly than the other tastes, however in general the result deserves the taste, thus our 4 out of 5 stars.

It’s a good bcaa product. We like the ‘feel’ that we get when we need that extra push/boost specifically when we are strength training in a fasted state. We generally take this previous to hard training session and/or throughout the session, especially throughout a hard training school for our upcoming mixed martial arts battle, bjj competitors, and etc. Nevertheless, for the ‘feel’ and quantity of recovery that we get, we seem like we are over-paying this bcaa. We can get the very same quality with other brand names with less expensive cost. We still provided this product a shot after reading, hearing, and recommended by several individuals. We were kinda dissatisfied, general, although it’s a good product. Kinda desire it gets less expensive to get a 5 star ranking from me.

Scivation xtend bcaa powder, branched chain amino acids, bcaas, mango, 30 servingswe have been working out 6x/week and utilizing this two times a day. Our recovery times have decreased and we experience less discomfort the following day. We did a reasonable quantity of research of other products on the marketplace prior to selecting this one. This has 7 gms of bcaas instead of others which have 5 gms in the 2:1:1 ratio. Half our exercises are hiits and without this it would be a lot harder to go hard daily. We are rather satisfied with the product and would certainly suggest it if you are working out routinely. If you have not currently, offer it a shot and see if it makes a distinction for you. If you currently utilize bcaas, the taste alone deserves attemptingout We utilize mango and truly like the taste – like many folks on here, it’s too sweet with 16 oz for us. We utilize a scoop with 32 oz and it’s tastes terrific. You may need to change the quantity of water to your taste. Cheers.

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