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Why Muscle Building Steroids Should Be Avoided?

Why Muscle Building Steroids Should Be Avoided

Muscle building steroids are a hotly debated topic today, and knowing who to listen to can be very difficult. The truth is, despite claims to the contrary, muscle building steroids are proven to produce all sorts of issues. Obviously, they do assist you in gaining muscle, and boosting strength. However, the cons of muscle building steroids far outweigh the pros.

Keep in mind that each person has a different reaction to muscle building steroids, and for this reason there are no universal effects of muscle building steroids that apply to everyone. However, for just about everyone, muscle building steroids do produce negative effects to some degree. In general, the level you are affected by muscle building steroids really depends on your genetic makeup.

However, there are some problems that have been linked to muscle building steroids. Some of the more serious issues are increased blood pressure, hardening arteries, blood clots, and increased cholesterol. In other words, the negative effects of muscle building steroids clearly outweigh the small amount of good that they do.

Yes, muscle building steroids do increase testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that is essential for muscle growth, and this is muscle building steroids’ most reputed benefit.

However, there are natural things you can do to boost this hormone without using muscle building steroids and putting your body at risk. In fact, muscle building steroids have even been known to reduce testosterone production. Here are some tips that require no muscle building steroids.

First, eat more regularly to achieve muscle building steroids like results. When you only eat 2-3 times a day like some people, you cause your hormonal output to go down. Instead, shoot for four times a day. Six is ideal, but four is more realistic for most people.

Also, focus on getting healthier monounsaturated fats. The most critical nutrient you need to improve testosterone is fat, believe it or not. When you get enough of this, muscle building steroids are simply not necessary.

However, there are good and bad fat sources. Things like greasy pizzas, potato chips, and fried foods are not much better than muscle building steroids. Instead, focus on olive and flax oil, as well as nuts, seeds, tuna and salmon.

Also, consume more broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts-nature’s muscle building steroids. These vegetables are proven to quite substantially lower the amount of estrogens (female hormone) in your system, and this by default raises the amount of testosterone produced. Also, be sure to consume less soy, as this makes more estrogens, which is harmful for testosterone output.

Make sure to exercise vigorously, which is just like using muscle building steroids, but without the side effects. In particular, you want to focus on whole body workouts, as these are far more effective for increasing testosterone than exercise machines or especially muscle building steroids. Instead, focus on exercises that enlist the whole body, as these will get you muscle building steroids like results. If you use these tips, you will increase testosterone without ever having to use muscle building steroids. While muscle building steroids do provide results, the benefits are not worth the risks. In other words, muscle building steroids are not the lazy way to muscle that they are reputed to be. If you are considering muscle building steroids, you should stop and run the other way.

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