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Workout To Build Muscle

Workout To Build Muscle

Bodybuilding Workout Guide

How and where the muscles are located on your body. When you know that a certain muscles function is to perform a certain movement, you will be more effective at working out a program. You can focus on the particular muscle parts that you want to develop more or are lagging behind.

Another ingredient in a body building workout plan is to look at what your personal goals are. Did you want to increase muscle mass, or just tone up a bit, or become stronger? Whatever destination you have it will dictate what type of program will best suit you.

An effective body building workout will be about two to four days a week. Again it will depend on your goals and how well you recover from a workout. You might exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with your rest days in between. Some of the most effective workouts are brief and basic, did I mention that they are going to be hard as well! Because good basic workouts are taxing to your body, you need plenty of rest days in between. A good basic body building workout will be short and focus on working major muscle groups, but not all at the same time: Working out in this way, you will cover the main muscle groups, which will also address the smaller muscles as well. This saves you time and allows you to keep you workouts intense without over training, which will allow for maximum recovery time. Maximum growth potential is reached a lot quicker. You are also more refreshed from shorter and less frequent workouts.

If you workout for two hours in the gym, six days a week, you will soon get physically exhausted as well as mentally fatigued. Intensity, duration and frequency are very important in any body building growth program.

Keep a log of the exercises you’re doing and make note of your progress on a regular basis. By doing this, you’ll know how you are going and you can make changes as required to meet your goals.

Weight training workouts vary from person to person, however they all incorporate basic components that can help all muscle-builders grow to their full potential. When putting together your muscle building workout, keep your personal goals in mind and then go for it!

Full Body Workouts

Different techniques are used by people nowadays in gaining muscles but the most popular one is full body workouts. Here, the main focus is trying to gain muscles without the use of bodybuilding equipments such as weight-lifts. One uses his/her body to provide required resistance of challenging body muscles to become weightier and more adaptable. These exercises are quite cheap as they can be done right at home; there is no need of a gym.

One method of full body workout training is press-up, which is also the most preferred muscle training used by army men. Here, one is expected to use the arms to lift the body up and down in a rhythmic motion up to the point where one will begin to experience fatigue. Press-ups can be adjusted to any form a person feels would work out perfectly. For example, some people prefer doing it while supporting both feet on the wall. This way all the weight would be concentrated on the arm and chest area; cardiovascular strength would also be enhanced.

Push-ups are superb in bodyweight exercises that quickly add muscle onto the shoulder and chest. They also work out triceps locate on the person’s upper arms. To do this, place yourself in a prone posture on the ground with both arms stretched out and holding up your mass. Remember to keep the body utterly straight with the lower part resting onto the toes.

Furthermore, pull-ups can also be applicable in building-up back muscles. Start with your arms spread even and wrapped around the shift-up bar. Afterwards, you’ll have to pull legs further up till they are totally out of ground. Gently pull your mass up till your chin touches the pull-up device then slowly shift back up to when the arms will be fully outstretched.

You can also make use of crunches to exercise your upper abdomen region. To do this lay with the back to the floor then adjust knees appropriately with the feet still on the surface. Next, fold arms over the chest and gently raise your upper part 6 inches toward the knees before mildly lowering back on the ground.

After one set, perform a set of leg lifts. Remain on your back but straighten out your legs until you have only a slight bend at your knees. Slowly raise both feet off the ground about 8 to 10 inches, keeping your knees slightly bent, and then slowly lower your feet until they touch the floor.

Afterwards, one will be required to do bodyweight dips for building upper muscles. Parallel dip devices can be bought specifically for this purpose. In conclusion, it is recommendable to start with minor prep exercises that will fine-tune the body for tougher challenge ahead.

5 Weight-Lifting Workout Tips

Bodybuilding is a sport that calls for discipline on the part of the muscle builder. Discipline brings about consistency on how a bodybuilder trains and handles his or her workout program. Disciplined weightlifters ensure that they watch their diet and supplement intake everyday and allocate a specific quantity of time to train in the weight room.

Try out the following workout tips & hire a personal training guru today!

1. Clear Weight Lifting Routine

On entering the gym it is important to have a clear cut bodybuilding routine plan of action. You should really know exactly what exercises you’ll perform, how much weight you will need to lift, and how many reps you must beat. This will ensure, your whole bodybuilding routine is 100% planned before beginning your gym workout.

2. Bodybuilding Nourishment

Be sure to consume a bit of complex carbohydrates and protein just about 2 hours before beginning your gym workout. This will assure you of getting the adequate amounts of energy producing nutrient elements to expel in your high magnitude weight training session.

Another extremely important body-building workout tip is to make sure you are fully hydrated with, preferably, water. You should be consuming at least 1/2 of your bodyweight in ounces every day.

3. Bodybuilding Workout Log

One of the biggest mistakes weight-lifters constantly make is failing to track their weight lifting progress. Without measuring progress, there generally is modest improvement. How do you know precisely what you are supposed to beat if you have no data?

4. Avoid Over-Training

After you’ve completed your high intensity bodybuilding routine, it is time to get out of the gym, and go home and grow. Hold yourself back from doing one additional set. Remember, more isn’t necessarily better. Any added basic weight lifting exercises might be counterproductive to your bodybuilding muscle growth. Confirm your body has fully recovered from the previous gym workout before you train again.

5. Recovery Process

You have an hour after your high intensity weight lifting workout to restore your glycogen levels, therefore, aiding in the muscle building, and recovery process. Take in 2 parts complex or simple carbs with one part protein. This is an important bodybuilding tip that has been demonstrated to help in the muscle recovery, and building process.

A Great Back Muscle Workout Plan

No matter what program the bodybuilder eventually decides to follow, one of the most important muscles is often overlooked or at best under worked. I’m referring to the muscles in the back. This deficiency may not be obvious for those whose daily routines involve lifting or other activities that involve back muscle workouts routinely.

For the rest of us, however, who work in an office and spend most of our day sitting, the deficiency can be quite noticeable. Weak back muscles can cause frequent back pain and posture problems. Any good bodybuilding program must include exercises for strengthening the back muscles. The following exercises are excellent examples of such exercises.

Trap Bar Dead Lift

Perform this back muscle workout with your feet held flat to the ground, squat down in a trap bar. Clutch the handles on the sides, while keeping your shoulders tight and your arms and back straight. Make sure that you point your knees in the same direction as your feet. Lift the trap up as you stand upright. At the top of the lift, pull your shoulders back. Return to the starting position to complete one repetition.

Standing Dumbbell Power Clean

To perform this back muscle workout, stand up straight. Using an overhand grip, hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. With your back held straight, inhale and tighten your abs. As you do this, bring your shoulders together in a shrug movement. Lift both dumbbells up to chest height. Drop below the weights and move them up above your shoulders as you would to perform a shoulder press. Return to the start position to complete one repetition.

Face Pull

This back muscle workout requires use of a cable station. With a rope attached to a high pulley on a cable station, clutch one end with each hand with your palms facing each other with thumbs facing toward you.

Move back away from the stack of weights so that your arms are straight out in front of you, and you can feel the tension in the cable. Keep your shoulders tight and keep your knees slightly bent. Pull the rope toward your face until your hands end up adjacent to your ears. Slowly return to the start position to complete one repetition.

Cable Seated Row

As with the previous back muscle workout, this also uses a cable station. Sit down with your back held straight and your arms extended for holding the handles. Keep your knees bent slightly as you move your feet closer to the support. Inhale before exerting any effort. Pull the cable in toward your waist.

Don’t rely upon momentum to move the weight. Bring your shoulder blades closer together and pull your elbows back. Return to the starting position to complete on repetition.

By including the above back muscle workout exercises in your workout program, you will be strengthening your upper back from the neck to the armpits. You will also be building up the lower back, butt, and hamstrings, building a well developed body with a strong healthy back.

Advanced Weightlifting Workouts

Lifting weights is one of the best exercise strategies one could take part in. This is because weight lifting workouts can deliver a great many benefits due to the versatility of such exercises. A weight lifting workout can build strength, increase endurance; repair injuries, burn fat, and even enhance cardio vascular conditioning.

Of course, most people want to lift weights to develop mass. This can prove to be a little difficult for some individuals because the body does not always react to mass workouts as easily as some wish. Why is this? It is because different people will experience different results from the same workout. As such, these will be those that require more intense weight lifting workouts. But, before we get into that, let’s look at the basic free weight lifting workout plans for mass.

Good weight lifting workouts for building mass generally centre on employing compound exercises. That is, you want exercises that use several muscle groups at the same time. A bench press, for example, is general considered a chest exercise. This is not completely accurate.

The bench press will PRIMARILY work the chest muscles and it delivers secondary stress to the biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. Because so many muscles are engaged with a compound exercise, it is possible to lift heavy amounts of weight. That, in turn, opens the door for the body to increase mass production so as to handle the excess load.

What happens when the common mass building workouts are not delivering the intended results? The next step should be to take part in a number of specialized workouts designed to increase mass building. Please note: these are not necessarily easy weight lifting strategies so they might not be best for novices.

Sample weight lifting workouts of an advanced nature are as follows:

Pre-Exhaustion Training:

This process involves performing isolation exercises to the failure point and then switching to compound exercises where more than one muscle group will help carry the load. A common example of this would be performing leg extensions which isolate the upper thigh muscles and then moving on to full squats which also involve the calves and lower back.


The way this exercise concept works is that you would pick four exercises that target completely different body parts and perform each one in succession without any rest. This allows you to get a great deal more sets and repetitions in the same session which will translate into enhanced body mass development. Or at least that is the plan!

Static Contraction Training:

This is commonly considered one of the top fat burning weight lifting workouts and is also greatly enhances mass and strength.

The way this type of workout works is very simple: you perform an exercise in its complete range of motion as slow as humanly possible. For example, if you were to perform a biceps barbell curl you would raise and lower the bar in as slow a manner as humanly possible. The pull of gravity will become so intense the muscles will be shocked into growth.

A Look at Workouts For Women

First, it is important to point out a common myth regarding workouts for women. Many of these workouts are promoted as a means of “toning” a muscle. While a muscle can display a toned appearance, no workout can tone a muscle. Physiologically, muscles either get smaller or larger and weaker or stronger.

They do not become more or less toned. Again, they can develop a toned appearance but you cannot “just” tone them. Really, what these toning workouts refer to is the ability to lower body fat while only slightly increasing the mass of the muscle.

What are some of the best ways this is achieved? The traditional low weight/high rep workout strategy is commonly employed in this manner. With women, it is suggested to go as low as possible with the weights. 2.5lb or 5lb dumbbells would be the proper choice here.

With these dumbbells, isolation exercises – exercises that work a single muscle group – are the main weightlifting exercises to perform. A common example of arm workouts for women would involve performing 20 reps of bicep curls with the light weight dumbbells.

This would have a two-pronged effect: obviously, the bicep muscles would be stimulated from the exercise. Then, the longer duration of performing the curls (20 reps can take some time) will yield more calories burned that 10 reps. All of this adds up to deliver a leaner look and physique.

Sometimes, these types of dumbbell exercises can be combined with aerobic workouts. Performing step aerobics while doing dumbbell curls, front shoulder raises, or side lateral raises are all common ways this can be done. And yes, such an approach can definitely lead to great results.

Best Chest Workout for Men

Your chest muscles, also called the pectoralis major, form the biggest muscle group of your entire upper body. The pectoralis major is divided into the inner and outer as well as the upper and lower pecs. The muscles of your chest are large slabs that range across your upper body. The best chest workout for men consists of different exercises while always using heavy weights for all different areas of your pecs.

Just like the triceps, your chest muscles are muscles used for pushing movements. They work in close relation to the muscles of your arms and shoulders. So whenever you work out your chest, your deltoid muscles in your shoulder and your triceps also get a good workout in. The amount of growth in size and strength of your pectoralis major stands in direct relation to the amount of weight used in your workout routine.

Best Chest Workout for Men – Exercises used to develop the pecs

Bench Press – The bench press is by far the best-known and also the most effective exercise for developing a big and strong chest. You can also play around with different set and repetition ranges to see what works best for you. Use incline, decline and flat bench. Change it up between dumbbells, barbells and perform the bench press inside the smith machine.

The bench press movement itself is the only commonality in each type of bench press.

The regular bench press is performed using a flat bench and a barbell. Your grip should be a little wider than shoulder-width in order to stimulate your pecs optimally. Usually, you would want to lower the bar to your chest in order to tackle the whole area of your pecs. When lowering the bar to the neck, the upper part of the pec is stimulated more.

If you want to include the triceps more in the bench press movement so you train it equally to your chest, you should keep your elbows at your side and move the bar to the middle of your chest. When spreading out the elbows in a wide fashion and lowering the bar to your neck, the front delts (the muscles at the front of your shoulders) are being worked on extensively in addition to your pecs.

In case you want to try out the incline bench press, you should know that by lowering the bar to the neck your upper pecs will be exercised heavily. On the other hand, when you use the decline bench press, you will focus more on your lower pecs giving you that silver-back gorilla chest.

Parallel Bar Dips – Dips are a great exercise in order to improve both the size and strength of your chest. By using a shoulder-wide grip you will target the inner and upper part of your pectoralis major. In order to attack the outer part of your chest and the delt-pec tie-in, you should aim for a wider grip.

Dumbbell Exercises for a Chest Workout – Dumbbells may be used for a number of bench exercises that closely approximate the Olympic bar lifts. They may also be used to perform flies on a flat, incline or decline bench.

Dumbbell Exercises for a Chest Workout – Any bench press movement you can perform with an Olympic barbell can also be performed using dumbbells instead. Additionally, by using dumbbells you can train your chest by doing flies on the incline, decline or flat bench. By using dumbbells that way you can get a good stretch that you can’t achieve with a barbell. That will rip up your pecs and force them to grow. They cannot be left out of the best chest workout for men.

Cable-And-Pulley Machine – This machine is a great tool to finish up the best chest workout for men. You can do exercises like the two-handed crunch whereby you start with your arms spread out widely. The arms should be slightly bent at the elbow all throughout the movement.

Bent-Arm-Pullover – The Bent-Arm-Pullover movement is executed on a flat bench with the barbell resting on the floor at the start of the exercise. You take a supine position and reach back over your head in order to grab the barbell. Keep your arms bent at the elbow to avoid unnecessary stress on your joints. Then bring the barbell to your chest in a circular movement.

You can either repeat the exercise at this point for a second repetition or perform a compound movement by pressing the barbell from your chest with a close-grip bench press. After performing the close-grip bench press you lower the barbell back to its initial position in a circular fashion. Don’t put the barbell completely on the floor, though. Keep your grip on and perform another rep.

Starting off with heavy weights by doing types of bench presses and then gradually using lighter weights when changing to other chest exercises is a crucial part of the best chest workout for men. Start off with barbells because with them you will be able to train with the most weight possible. Then go over to dumbbell movements and/or lighter barbell exercises. Finish off with machines and bodyweight movement to stimulate your pecs optimally with the best chest workout for men.

Best Weight Lifting Workout Tips

1. Usage Multi-Joint Exercises

You will certainly wish to include weight lifting workouts that work more compared to one muscular tissue team at a time. Executing an exercise like this will take advantage of a greater amount of muscular tissue fibres, hence promoting growth, as well as burning even more calories.

2. Focus on Form Before Weight.

While lifting weights, it is very important to concentrate on form. Let the muscle do the work, not momentum, or various other muscles you are not targeting.

You goal is to wear down a certain muscle to its outright maximum. It is trivial to excite another person in the gym with the weights you are raising. Emphasis on working the muscle!

3. Repetitions Should Be Slow and Controlled.

Once again, permit the targeted muscle do the function, and nothing else.

4. Effective Rest Between Workouts Is Critical.

Ensure your weight training workouts are higher sufficient in strength to promote muscle cells growth, and have the effective rest in between workouts to allow this growth to occur. The average quantity of rest between workouts is 2-10+ days relying on the strength level. You should not feel tired, and wound before your upcoming workout, however enthusiastic to conquer the weights.

5. Don’t Do Too Many Sets.

Also a lot of sets will certainly put you in an over-trained zone. All you should is one, all out, readied to temporary muscle failure in order to promote ideal muscle development. Anything more is contrarily efficient. Nevertheless, light heat up sets is great, and required.

6. Keep track of Your Progress.

Without tracking your exercises you will certainly not know where you are, and where you have to go. Be a mad expert and track your exercises. The information you gather will certainly inform you much more concerning yourself compared to a muscle publication will.

Free Bodybuilding Workouts

Looking to build your muscles? Well, you don’t have to pay expensively on gyms and instructors… There are free bodybuilding workouts you can follow that is also effective to tone those muscles real quick. All you really need is the discipline to continue what you started.

Free Bodybuilding Routines With Best Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

If your results have been disappointing in the gym and you want to see your gains in muscle skyrocket then maybe it’s time to simplify your workout with some of the best exercises to Gain Muscle Mass. Too many guys spend their time on the easy exercises where you can sit in a machine with the body stabilized and isolate particular muscle groups. These exercises will also help you work your core giving you overall functional strength for other exercises and sports.

The best muscle building exercises use full body movements utilizing multiple joints in one lift. This way you can load up the bar and put stress your muscles under heavy weights forcing them to grow quickly. Here are the top 3 best exercises to Gain Muscle Mass fast when you need new growth. I’ve only included these 3 because they can be used for a full body workout to bring up every lagging part you have.

Dead lifts are the king of mass movements and you don’t see them done in most gym because they are too tough. You see them every day in hardcore gyms where the big guys train. So take note and put 2 and 2 together. Dead lifts force your entire body to grow from your legs to your neck. This is a movement that you can load up with a lot of weight. Do these every week blasting out reps and you will Gain Muscle Mass fast.

Dips are a great upper body movement to build your chest, shoulders, and triceps. This is another one where you need to load up the weight and do the movement with a forward lean to hit the pecs and delts. When you do them straight up they isolate the triceps more. Stay away from the pec deck and starting dipping for muscle mass.

Pull Ups will give your back the V taper you always wanted. Do them hands in front or with a reverse grip. Not only will it build your back but the pulling motion will also build your biceps and rear delts. Most guys spend their time on the lat pull down machine but they are second rate compared to the simple pull up.

The best way to gain muscle mass fast is to follow these tried and proven routines. Free Bodybuilding Routines and top rated programs for developing massive muscles and getting ripped fast! Save yourself the trouble of wasted efforts.

Arm Muscle Development Workout – Acquiring Enormous Arms

In order to develop arm muscle tissues, you will need to work them very hard. Large arm muscles will never miraculously grow by sitting around and squeezing some hand grips or maybe rubber balls at the office. You need to attend the gym and use proper weights.

The upper arm is split into 2 main muscles. The tricep muscles are really a 3 part muscle mass and are around the back of your arm and are fully contracted whenever the arm is completely straightened out. The biceps in contrast, is a two part muscle that is on the front of the arm. It’s only completely contracted once your arms are curled tightly.

Think about the biceps as being the muscle mass employed for pulling items in your direction, and then the triceps for pushing them away.

The biceps respond the most to curling weight (a positive exercise) and resisting return to a beginning position (a negative exercise). Anybody seriously interested in their results should make sure to incorporate both workout routines in their arm muscle development exercise routine.

Pushing weight away efficiently focuses on the tricep muscles (positive), and resisting the return to the start point (negative). As with the biceps, both motions must be applied for top results.

The arms will obviously receive some work on alternative muscle group days; however, you should make sure you spend 1 day a week to focus on arms. On that day the muscles need to be worked to thorough exhaustion.

Biceps Routines

Barbell and Dumbbell Curls – This kind of workout can be carried out in a range of ways, both standing up as well as seated. The movements must be slow as well as regulated with mental focus on your biceps. Strive for three sets of 10 repetitions per exercise.

Triceps Exercises – Triceps Presses, Curls, and Press Downs

Super Sets

If you are extremely serious concerning your muscle mass building training, you must change between triceps and biceps exercises. This can shorten your regular workout time without having to sacrifice the integrity of your workouts. I would recommend shifting between exercises without having rest and then having a 1 minute stop between sets.

After your muscle is adequately torn down, it is time to build them back up once more. As any workout enthusiast is aware of, a high protein diet plan will be essential to reconstructing torn tissues. Ideally, 25% of your calories must originate from protein. Dietary fats and fibres are essential here, since they aid to metabolize this particular protein.

Health supplements are good also. Amino acids in the form of Lipotropic 3 are excellent. These are a compound of three essential amino acids which basically burn unwanted fat. Kelp pills as well as desiccated liver are also very good. Finally, wheat germ oil that has been cold pressed provides you with endurance and improves your energy to new levels. Adopt these measures and you will have an effective arm muscle mass building workout!

How To Recover Faster From Your Workouts

So here is how to recover faster from your workouts:

1. Have carbs before exercise:

Not only will this keep your levels of blood sugar from dropping, but it will also protect your muscle tissue to a limited degree. The key here is to have slow digesting carbs in order to avoid any sugar crashes.

2. Have some liquid calories during exercise:

The only catch here is that if your workout is less than one hour in duration, having liquid calories isn’t that important. Nevertheless, liquid calories will keep your blood sugar stable and reduce stress hormones.

3. Drink carbs and protein immediately after your training session:

This is a sound strategy for increasing the amount of nutrients that get diverted to your active tissues. You see, intense exercise makes your cells more permeable towards nutrients.

4. Exercise a couple hours after breakfast:

This strategy will increase the percentage of food that gets shuffled into your active tissues versus fat tissues. And if more is going into your active tissues, your fat cells will starve and shrink.

5. Hydrate a lot:

Hydrate a lot especially around the time period when you are exercising. You see, optimal hydration increases digestion. And better digestion will facilitate the entry of nutrients into your active tissues when your levels of glut-4 transporters are highest.

6. Incorporate lots of non-exercise activity:

This works wonders for recovery. You see, not only will you burn some extra calories, but you will also increase blood flow which will really speed up recovery. After all, blood carries all the nutrients necessary for repair.

The faster you recover the more exercise you will be able to do during a given time period. So make sure you take action here sooner rather than later because later never comes!

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